Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Minutes: Leader’s Meeting – October 2, 2007 – Pack 60

In attendance – Nancy Rye, Ivan O’Sullivan, Julie Fitzgerald, Tom Gilbertson, Heidi Curtis, Kim Darcy, Curtis Heisey, Scott Melick, Hans Helgeson. Meeting was called to order at 7:09pm

1. Follow up to September 29th/30th Campout – Heidi commented that in the future parents & Scouts should be notified of the importance of the “Buddy System” and that Scouts should not go to the latrines at night on their own. Ivan thought it was a wonderful event – great location, weather, food – overall a wonderful event that people worked hard to prepare. He felt this were the sort of event necessary for a vibrant Pack. Hans thought for the future the Pack should look at the scheduling of activities at the campout. He had thought more leaders would have been at the campout by 3:30 and that the Saturday events could have started earlier. Since they were delayed it was hard to do everything. For next year the Pack might want to hold off and have the structured event Sunday morning. There was general agreement that the location was great and Tom asked about reserving the site at Resolute for next year. Hans raised the issue that if there is a Boy Scout Camporee at Resolute at the same time next year, parking and logistics could be more difficult. There are also problems at Nobscott and that weekend is always rented out to a private party. Going on an earlier campout makes it more difficult to get the new Tiger Den(s) organized. It was decided that Tom would check with Resolute and see what they have on the calendar for next year.

2. October & November Pack Meetings – At the October 22nd Pack meeting the Scouts will do some preliminary work on their Space Derby cars (The body of the “rocket” will be glued together prior to the Pack Meeting.) The vehicles do not need to be finished at the meeting. The boys will also make crafts to take to Wingate at the November 19th Pack Meeting where it is anticipated that the Space Derby would take place. Kim raised the idea of making a small fleece pillow and having paper airplanes for the kids to work on and possibly bring to Wingate in November. Julie asked the question of whether fleece pillows would be acceptable at Wingate because they are something that could breed germs. The question was also raised as to whether Wingate had a space large enough to hold all of the Scouts, the Space Derby setup and the residents of the home. Pack 80, from Haynes, has the Space Derby setup and they will be having a Space Derby at their Pack Meeting on 11/15. Tom said he would talk to Wingate about room size and Kim and/or Curtis would talk to Pack 80 about the size room needed to hold a Space Derby. Ivan asked how long would it take to run the Space Derby and if anyone in the Pack had run one before. No one had. He suggested that we try to get the track from Pack 80 on Sunday 11/17 and do a test race. It was not decided what would happen if we could not run the race at Wingate.

3. Color Guard and Den Share – The schedule for the year is:

Meeting Color Guard Den Share
Campout Webelos I Den 3 n/a
Oct Pack Webelos I Den 4 Webelos I Den 3
Nov Pack Webelos II (Both) Den 4 & Bears
Dec Pack Wolf n/a
Feb Pack Bear Tigers (both)
B & G Webelos II (both advance)
Tigers (both) retire Webelos II
Apr Pack Tigers (both) Wolf

4. Pack T-shirts – Leaders will take them home tonight. The shirts are only to be worn at events where a full uniform is not necessary (ie – October Pack night) Full uniforms would need to be worn at other Pack meetings, Blue & Gold and when selling popcorn.

5. Quality Unit – It has different requirements then just a Charter renewal. It is more about “Our goals and how we will grow as a Pack.” Hans was not sure if we had filled out the paper work last December. Kim will ask Michael Labinski, Executive Director of the Liberty District, about what the District-wide expectations were for a Quality Unit. Kim mentioned that the 2nd Thursday of each month there is a roundtable at the Holliston Firestation.

6. Pinewood Derby – Scott reported that he and Paul Mason have been meeting and plans are underway. The cars will be dropped off to the Den leaders probably in late November.

7. Popcorn Sale – Leaders were reminded of the dates for turning in popcorn orders (October 22nd orders must be to Den Leaders and to Julie Fitzgerald by October 26th) and about the sale at Sudbury Farms. The sales times are: Saturday 10/13 – 10-11am: Scott & Ronda’s Den; 11-12 Kim’s Den; 12-1 Heidi’s Den; 1-2 Julie’s Den. Sunday 10/14 – 12-1 Barry’s Den; 1-2 Cindy’s Den; 2-3 Tiger’s Den. There is a problem with the Tiger time. Many of the boys have soccer. Hans said his & Barry’s Den could stay later. Julie said she would help cover and Kim said she could as well. Popcorn should be ready for distribution on 11/17.

8. Curtis let people know about the Cub Trek Day at Nobscott on 10/13 & 10/14.

9. Curtis said that Cindy would be sending around info about the Veteran’s Day activities at the Sudbury VFW Post on November 12th. Cindy added via email:

10. The information I have so far is that the Flag ceremony will be at usual location (American Legion/Rte 20) on the observed day for Veterans Day -- Monday, Nov. 12 in the afternoon. Typically, there is a flag ceremony and some patriotic songs, followed by the flag retirement (incineration) and cake (which is why they need a head count). I'll send out details and a request for attendance numbers when we get closer. I've included Beth Farrell on this e-mail, because she is also coordinating this. Please include her on future e-mails relating to this event. I will suggest one more thing for you to add when you discuss this: if the den leaders are not interested in attending the event, they should still encourage scouts who want to attend with their parents to contact Beth and me. Also, Beth Palmerino is planning to work on the Memorial Day parade with Beth Farrell and me

11. The question was asked as to the status of a Treasurer for the Pack this year. Hans said that while Chuck Katz has graciously volunteered to continue as Treasurer, we need to find someone soon so Chuck could train that person. Issues were raised about what positions needed to be filled and idea of recruiting parents of younger Scouts vs those whose son’s only have a year or so left. Hans informed the group that the minimum needed to re-Charter each year is Den Leaders at each Den level, a Charter Rep, Pack Chairman, Cubmaster and 2 Committee members. It was stated that it is critical to fill the position of Pack Chairman for this is Hans’ last year with the Pack. Ideally, Hans felt that we should have a Cubmaster, 3-4 Assistant Cubmasters and a committee member from each level in addition to the Pack Chairman. The Committee members are like a check and balance for the Pack. The Chairman and the Committee members are responsible for finding people to take leadership roles and handling the finances. It is the Executive arm of the Pack. The rest of the Leadership is responsible for the “content” of the Pack. The committee should meet separately to discuss finances. It was noted that our Pack has only been in existence since 1999 when Loring Elementary School reopened. Ivan has volunteered to talk with parents at the October Pack meeting (separately from the Scouts) about volunteering and to get people to signup to help out.

12. T-shirts were handed out and the meeting was adjourned at 9:30pm