Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Trophy and Competition Information

For each badge level and for the entire pack, there are trophies for:
  • 1st fastest, 2nd fastest, 3rd fastest

  • Most Creative Design

  • Best Workmanship
Criteria for "Most Creative Design" Trophies: Fit and finish are not the focus here, only creativity! What is creative? Here are some examples:
  • Something normal, but with an unusual twist.

  • Something outlandish or unusual.

  • Pretty much anything that's not a car: examples a hot dog, a shark, a surfer on a wave, a dinosaur, a plane, etc.

  • Of course, any outlandish car can't be ruled out!

Criteria for "Best Workmanship" Trophies: Fit and finish are the focus here. Here are some things to look for:
  • The quality of the carving/shaping of the car.

  • The quality of the sanding.

  • The quality of the paint job.

  • The quality of the decals.

  • The quality of other decorations.

  • The degree of difficulty to create the car.