Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pack Trainer

Pack Trainer

  • Conducts orientation of new families and pack leaders.

  • Trains each new leader and pack committee member for his or her specific position using material provided by
    the BSA.

  • Helps with Unit Leadership Enhancements during pack leaders' meetings.

  • Conducts other training as designated by the district and/or council.

  • Encourages pack leaders to attend ongoing training, such as roundtable, pow wow or University of Scouting, outdoor
    training, Youth Protection Training, and Wood Badge.

  • Remains current with training material and program updates.

  • Keeps track of pack training records.

The goal of the pack trainer is to have 100 percent of the pack leadership trained in their position responsibilities.
New leaders and adult family members should receive orientation within one week of joining the pack, and leaders should
receive position specific training within 30 days.